Santa Claus Golf Club

Arctic Golf Ltd

Arctic Golf Ltd. (Santa Claus Golf) was founded in 1992. The company owns and manages Santa Claus Golf – the golf course of the official Hometown of Santa Claus, Rovaniemi. The company is responsible not only for the maintenance of the golf course, but also for the restaurant operations and proshop.

The shareholders (individual, family and company) enjoy unlimited golf and full shareholder benefits. If you are interested in shareholding, contact the Managing Director.


Chairman of the Bord
Juha Seppälä
[email protected]
Tel. +358(0)400 377 595

Members of the Board
Kari Plosila (Vice Chairman)
Asko Hirvisalo
Pekka Lemmetty
Markus Vitikka

Managing Director
Pia Lillberg
[email protected]
Tel. +358(0)40 13 54321